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Thank you for visiting my web site! Angell Law Offices, LLC was founded in 2004 by Robert Angell, a former assistant Ohio attorney general and a practitioner in the courts and agencies of Ohio and Colorado, as well as federal trial and appellate courts, for twenty-nine years. My philosophy is to help people reason together to solve legal problems, and to represent my clients with professionalism, diligence, compassion, and tact. I work with a diverse client base including individuals, business entities, and government agencies, without regard to race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or gender orientation.


Please feel free to browse my site, or go to my mobile site on your smartphone, and contact me if I may be of service. Best regards.


DISCLAIMER: The material presented on this site is included with the understanding and agreement that Angell Law Offices, LLC is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services by posting said material. The services of a competent professional should be sought if legal or other specific expert assistance is required. Any unauthorized use of material contained herein is at the user’s own risk.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on this web site are those of the author only and do not necessarily represent those views with respect to any public or private person or entity with which Angell Law Offices, LLC may be affiliated.




Business Services

     Business filings

     Business documents

     General counsel

     Consulting counsel

     Employment and risk-management documents

     Non-profit filings and documents

     Contract negotiation and drafting

     Commercial real estate

     Recreation law and regulation



     Employment and human resources

     Personal injury and medical negligence

     Elder issues

     Business and contract disputes

     Intellectual property

     Government and administrative matters

Wills, Trusts and Estates

     Estate planning

     Wills, trusts, and advance directives



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(614) 470-4492

(614) 383-7401


Angell Law Offices, LLC
185 Lincolnshire Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43230-2361



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Business Services


Wills, Trusts, & Estates


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Video Consultations

You can now arrange for a consultation by videoconference, and schedule the consultation online. I use the Microsoft Teams platform, which allows you to participate in a video conference using your e-mail or by telephone. I am also familiar with other platforms such as Skype, WebEx, and Zoom. To arrange for a consultation, click on "Log In" at the top of the page and follow the prompts to sign up by providing an e-mail address and password (or log in if you have already signed up). Hover over the down arrow to contact me or open a booking calendar. I will check the calendar and confirm. My calendar will be visible to you so that you can avoid schedule conflicts.

Of course, if you would prefer an in-person or telephone consultation, simply call my office number or message me on the "Contact" page.





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